Keep Calm and the Green Bay Packers

Keep Calm and Carry On

Hearing how the coach of the Green Bay Packers likes to keep his team going with ‘inspirational slogans’, and this week chose ‘Keep Calm and Carry On': And this week, with the team’s injury problems getting so bad that McCarthy seems to be getting unexpectedly bad news every few hours, he believes Keep Calm and Carry […]

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[EXHIBITION] Illinois Holocaust Museum


Hmmm, a new exhibition highlights the British experience of the Second World War by leading with the Keep Calm and Carry On poster… I really hope they also highlight that it wasn’t used: An import from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, “Keep Calm and Carry On” showcases the ingenuity and defiance of the […]

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Keep Calm: Subverted Images


Do the subverted images of Keep Calm make any sense? I’ve seen cheerleaders wearing shirts that read “Keep Calm and Cheer On.” What? Isn’t cheering the opposite of keeping calm? Isn’t that kind of the point of cheerleading? The purpose of a cheerleader is to excite the crowd into shouting, clapping their hands and jumping […]

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New Yorkers Keep Calm Over The Footy (via @KarinRosner)


Who knew that New Yorker’s were so inspired by the ‘footy’, although of course the story of Keep Calm ran there in 2009: Tweet

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Disappointing EU Outcome


So, we had the EU ruling that Coop is allowed to keep the trademark for ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’, but the fight’s not over yet (not that I’ve ever made a penny on it, but I like the attitude of Barter Books with regards to this) A famous Northumberland book shop’s bid to overturn […]

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Keep Calm and Push It


  Amusing, as the nation waits for the new baby to be born:  Tweet

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Keep Calm and Carry On: Meme Gallery


If you haven’t heard of the term ‘meme‘, Wikipedia defines it as: An Internet meme (/?mi?m/ meem) is an idea, style or action which spreads, often as mimicry, from person to person via the Internet, as with imitating the concept. See them all on Meme Gallery. Tweet

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Play: Keep Calm and Carry On


“The Salford Blitz was a truly devastating moment in history and it’s important that people today don’t forget that harrowing time and the sacrifices that were made. The group has worked so hard researching the events of that fateful episode and have really done justice to all those people who had to live through it.” […]

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PRESS: Featured in the LA Times


And here’s the main bit where our half hour conversation is highlighted (there’s some other bits that I recognise from our conversation, but they are bits that most now see as “public information” as my thesis has permeated culture … I may not be rich, but who can say that, eh?) Read full article. Tweet

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Keep Calm: Go Broncos


Just been sent this in an email: Tweet

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